a nice price

packages starting as low as $50 
  • newborns and infants: up to 1 hour of shooting time. we will arrange a time that suits you and your baby the best. keep in mind when your baby sleeps and eats. we can stop if needed to feed and rock the baby during the shoot. i will bring props for your child. mommy and daddy may also be used as props.  i am a natural light photographer. if your home does not have appropriate lighting, we will venture out of doors for your photo shoot, weather permitting. bad weather happens, we can reschedule.
    • $50
  • my morning (your toddler): a full morning of shooting. i will come to your home to meet your family and child the day before the shoot to get acquainted and comfortable. the next day we will start shooting when your sweetheart gets up (no earlier than 7 am). this is intended to capture a normal day, one filled with your regular activities, not Disneyworld (unless my ticket is included). i understand about illness, family emergencies, and inclement weather. if something comes up, we can reschedule. you'll receive a cd of at least 100 high resolution photos to print and share to your heart's content.
    • 3 hours - $275
    • 6 hours - $500
  • birthday parties: priced by the hour, this is perfect for children's birthday parties, or other special events! this is the perfect way to ensure your happy memories are captured without having to miss any of the action. 
    • $160 first hour
      • $50 for each additional half hour
  • photo booth: a super fun optional (but hilariously spectacular) service to add to any party, gathering, and event! you might even decide this is all that you want! we (my fantastic assistant and i) come and set up our handcrafted photo booth where e'er your party is taking place, show you how to operate the remote control (we promise it's not tricky) and let you have at it! my dear assistant will stick around in case of any technical difficulties (i.e. you pushed the wrong button and are now taking pictures of who knows what). you receive a cd of all pictures taken in the photo booth. 
    • $25 setup fee
    • $75 for the first hour
    • $50 for each additional hour

want more time? more pictures? $25 for each additional half hour.

books and canvas prints available upon request. contact me for pricing. 

please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery of your photos.

want an art print? shoot me an email!